In the Australian climate, the backyard often doubles as an extra room for our homes. Not only does this mean more versatility in terms of dining and entertaining options, it also means we can decorate the extra ‘room’ as a kind of outdoor extension! Many Australians enhance their backyards with patios or verandas–and the perfect accessories to go along with them! If you’re looking for tips on how to decorate your outdoor room, backyard or patio, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three style tips to get you on your way!
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The first thing you should think about in terms of furniture and decor selection for your patio is theme. We’re not talking here about the kind of theme you have at a dress up party, but more the type of theme you’d ascribe to your home if it had one. Is it rustic, modern, funky or traditional? What are the elements that you like the Garage Doors most about it? To put it another way, the theme is a way of describing your home’s personality. When thinking about outdoor furniture and decor, you need to consider what it says about your home and the way it blends in with the existing decor stylistically. This will give you an indication of the direction you should head in.
Another thing to consider when buying outdoor furniture is its versatility. If it is protected under a pergola or patio then you can be a bit more adventurous, but even patios are not 100% weather resistant, and in order to make sure your furniture lasts and stays looking classy for years to come, you should invest in some weather-proof stuff! Many hardware stores or garden centres will have purpose-build outdoor furniture which will include rust-resistant metal, double-treated timber and waterproof materials in order to preserve the looks and safety of the equipment.
Try to look for furniture with comes with some kind of guarantee of warranty. Outdoor furniture can be very expensive and you don;t want to buy something only for it to fall apart in the coming weeks due to poor craftsmanship or shoddy materials. Ask the salesperson about warranty options and always try to choose quality materials over cheap ones—it will save you in the long run!
Outdoor furniture can provide the backdrop and setting for some of your happiest home memories with families and friends. We are blessed with a climate that lends itself to alfresco dining and entertaining, and we have a country that provides glorious scenery simply while sitting in our own backyards. To further enhance the experience, good patio furniture is an investment you’ll be glad you made. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ for 20 or sitting with that someone special under the pergola, watching the world go by, good quality furniture will make it all the more enjoyable.

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