We like to believe the workers who come into our homes are trustworthy. Whether the workers come to clean, to paint, to give Roll Up Door Spring Tension a massage, or to make a repair, we want them to be courteous and professional. Above all, we want them to be honest.
Unfortunately, the garage door industry is not regulated as closely as most industries. For example, a locksmith must be bonded so that the homeowner is assured that the locksmith will not illegally hold key copies or lock combinations. Yet, a garage door technician can copy your garage door code more quickly than a locksmith can make a new key. He can copy that code while he is talking to you face to face. The act is not even illegal.
You can communicate with your congressman and request the government impose more regulations on the industry, but you can’t wait for the government to enact legislation before you get your garage door fixed. You’ll have to do some investigating on your own.
The best way to find a reliable repair service is to ask your friends and neighbors to recommend one. If they are pleased with the cost, convenience, and integrity of the service, you will probably be satisfied, too. Another good place to locate a service is the internet. The company website may contain reviews from customers that tell you what their level of satisfaction was. You can also consult the Yellow Pages of your phone book.
Once you have found a company, phone and discuss your problem as specifically as you can. A reliable company will take the time to understand your problem and give you a ballpark price. If you like what you hear, continue your discussion. Ask if the company has done background checks on its employees, and don’t be satisfied when the representative says yes. Ask to see the background information. This is not privileged information. The technician is coming to your home and you have the right to know. Background checks and drug tests cost the company money. If the company has actually taken these precautions, it will be delighted to share the results.
Once you have taken these steps, go ahead and book the appointment, reassured that you have chosen well. Then, go Maintaining Garage Door Opener ahead and write to your congressman. Maybe next time you need a repairman you won’t have to do so much work.

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