How to Change the Torsion Springs of Your Garage Door

Garage doors consist of various parts and elements. Torsion springs are considered to be the most important part of a garage door, whether it is a traditional door that is manually operated or a modern automated one. Springs are primarily responsible for lifting the weight of the door enabling it to open up. Because of this heavy duty, they gradually get worn out over time. If you need to replace the torsion springs of your garage door, you should know that it’s a complex task requiring great care and precision. It is potentially dangerous so you should seek help from professional garage entry door mechanics.
However, if you believe you can perform the repair operation yourself, here are some tips to help you carry out the task successfully. First, be sure to have a close friend or anybody by your side to help you out so that you have an extra hand to aid you, specifically in case of accidents. There’s a risk of danger in handling springs; thus, you must proceed with caution.
To replace the springs, you have to find the perfect size similar to the ones you have in your garage door. Springs have various sizes so it’s important to select the one that fits. Determine the size of the wire as well as the length and diameter 1 2 Hp Craftsman Garage Door Opener of the springs to make sure you can purchase the exact size. It’s important to find the right type and size because fitting in a wrong spring may lead to insufficient strength to hold the garage door’s weight. This may lead to serious accidents.
When selecting replacement springs, go to car port door hardware supply stores. Compare prices to avail the best one. If you’ve already looked around the stores in town but haven’t found the right one, the next thing to do is search online. There are various online stores which sell garage door parts and components. Remember to provide the right measurements when ordering springs from an online store. When replacing your garage port door’s springs, be sure to perform a general overhaul and search for signs of damages on the ropes, pulleys, and other parts. Check if these components are corroded. Examine all moving parts of the garage door. This way, you can find out if other parts need replacement as you try to change the springs.
Don’t forget to prepare a complete set of tools before disassembling the garage entry way. You wouldn’t want to stop in the middle of the operation just to find a missing screwdriver. Ask assistance from your friend to pass the tools onto you so you can focus on your work and avoid dangers. After replacing the springs, check if the door works smoothly. The new springs should be strong Modern Garage Door Designs and durable to lift the door up with ease. For traditional up and over garage port doors, test if the screw torque is correctly placed by lifting the garage door half way in midair. The door should be able to remain in this position. You may have to loosen up the springs if the door rises by itself. On the other hand, try to tighten the springs a bit if the door closes down by itself.

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