How to Build a Stylish Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget

You want to look as good while you’re pregnant as you did before, but you don’t have a lot of money to buy a bunch of expensive maternity clothes. Don’t worry. There are some ways you can stretch you budget for maternity clothes and still look the fashionista you are. Here’s a few suggestions.

Evaluate What You Already Own Most women can get by with the clothing they already own for the first few months of their pregnancy. Before you must start wearing maternity clothes, take a look at what’s already in your closet. Are there some things that could be used at least through your second trimester? Wrap dresses look great for the office and adjust to your fluctuating body. What about blouses with empire waists or skirts and pants with elastic waists? You might be surprised how many items in your current wardrobe can be worked into your maternity wear.

The Secret of the Elastic Hair Band You can gain an additional few months from your button-top pants and skirts just by using a simple elastic hair band. Just loop it through the buttonhole and around the button and you’ll gain up to a whole inch in the waistline. Add a top that is long enough to cover your inventiveness and you’re ready to go.

Buy Gently Used Maternity Clothes Frequently you’ll find attractive maternity clothes that look like new in consignment stores. After all, nobody wears their maternity clothes for more than a few months. Garage sales are another place to find a treasure trove of maternity fashions at prices well below that of new ones.

Buy Items You Can Mix and Match When the time comes to invest in some new maternity pieces, select items that will be versatile. Select some basics like dark trousers, a skirt or two, a few tops and some comfortable denims. Choose colors and prints that coordinate so you can use the same pieces in more than one outfit. If you need a dress, choose a basic black or other neutral color that you can dress up or down with accessories, jackets or sweaters.

Have a Swap Meet Do you know other women that are at various stages of pregnancy? Get together and swap maternity clothes that you have grown tired of or outgrown. You’ll all be able to have a fresh look without spending any money. It’s a great time to swap pregnancy stories and share some good food as well.

Borrow If you have friends or family members that have had a recent pregnancy, they are usually happy to lend you their maternity clothes. After all, they have no use for them at the moment. Often times the clothes will be volunteered before you even have to ask. Why not take advantage of your friends’ generosity? With a little thought and planning, you can find lots of budget friendly ways to dress your baby bump so you look up-to-date and stylish.

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