How to Accessorize Your Veranda or Patio

The key to maximising the potential of your outdoor living space is to create distinct areas for different functions. Using structures such as pergolas, patios and verandas is a great way of achieving this. Of course simply building these structures is not enough. Once they have been constructed, you need to accessorize them to create comfortable and attractive environments where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of al fresco living. This guide will give you a few ideas to help you get the most from your backyard or other outdoor space.
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Outdoor furniture has come a long way since all that was available was the simple wooden picnic table with bench seating. Nowadays, there are as many options for outdoor furniture as there are for the interior of your home. Using materials such as teak, cedar, rattan, wicker and cast iron, and with fabrics that are weather resistant without compromising on comfort, you will be able to realise any style vision and create the perfect indoor/outdoor living environment.
Whichever other style choices you make, accessorizing your veranda or patio with plants is a good idea. Plants add warmth and softness to bare spaces or paved areas. They are also a perfect way of developing an indoor/outdoor feel on a deck or veranda. Choose plants that reflect your overall design style and try to choose native species, which require less maintenance and are better equipped to handle the tough Australian climate.
Sun protection
We all know how powerful the Australian sun can be, so if you want to be able to use your outdoor space throughout the heat of the day, some form of sun protection is a good idea. Supplement any natural shade you have with outdoor blinds or an awning, which will reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays and help control the temperature, making you more comfortable too. There are many styles and choices of fabric available to suit any design preferences.
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Of course, as wonderful as the Australian climate is, it is not always heat that we have to worry about. If you have ever spent an enjoyable outdoor afternoon with friends only to be forced to take the party inside as darkness falls and the temperature drops, you will know how annoying this can be. With the wide range of outdoor heaters available these days, you are sure to be able to find the perfect one for your outdoor space. Radiant thermal heaters and gas heaters are good options for patios and verandas. One you have chosen your heating option, you will not only be able to enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening, but you will find that you use it all year round too.
If you do want to use your outdoor space in the evening, then installing good lighting is very important. It is not just about functionality though. Used creatively, lighting can add a whole new design element to your veranda or patio. Options include patio lights, table lamps, string lights, ceiling fan lights and, of course, candles.

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