There was a time when there are not garage door sensors. Older models only work in opening and closing your doors and not sense if anything is obstructing it. It was not until the early 1990s that the government mandated a need for safer garage door openers. That was instigated due to the numerous accidents and mishaps the is caused by playing with garage openers.
The sensors are also called photo eyes. What it generally does it detect if it is about to crash into something while in the process of closing. If there is something obstructing its path, it immediately reverts to its original position. This bit of genius is what protects those mishaps.
How does it really work? The photo eyes are integrated in the system. These laser beams must be able to come in contact with each other in order to close flawlessly. If something is obstructing the path disconnecting the laser lights, it opens up again.
If the door of your garage keeps on reverting even if something is not in its line of path, there must be something wrong with the installation of your sensor or the beam itself is malfunctioning. In case of the former, you need to reinstall the sensor to make sure it is aligned properly. If it is the latter, you need to find a replacement sensor.
The sensors need to be placed 2 inches above the floor. So that it can easily detect the obstruction. Garage Door Installation Tools It is placed at the sides of the door in perfect alignment so the infra-red signals can really meet.
You will need to check the alignment time and again. Experts suggest you check the beam sensors once a month to see if it is working perfectly fine. This way, you can be assured that it stays in top functioning for long.
If you do not have a sensor for the door of your garage installed yet, maybe it is time to get a new set of garage door sensors. The price you are How To Choose Garage Door Design going to pay for a new set will not beat the safety of your family. If you can do something to prevent garage door accidents, why wouldn’t you?

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