How Does a Garage Door Opener Work?

I bet you have heard a lot about the benefits of using a garage door opener. But do Clean Garage Door you know how exactly it works? This is a question that merits a little pondering.
Before anything else, you have to know the types of garage door operators. They come in three forms-the belt-driven operators, Genie Garage Door Intellicode chain-driven operators and screw-driven operators. They basically function in the same way but the materials are different.
For belt-driven operators, it uses direct current motor which is what gives it its trademark quiet and whisper-soft functions. This is actually more sophisticated and more secure because their security codes allow frequent changing and no repetition of codes so nobody can decode it. If this is your choice, you have to choose one that has integrated steel belt as it has more power in lifting garage doors.
Screw-driven operators are slightly less expensive. What is great about this is that it does not need a lot of fussy maintenance. It does not hold a torch with belt-driven but it does have a few nifty features to boast of. There is the standard light beam detector that can detect if something is obstructing its path and to reverse its course to prevent crashing into something. There is also the new and improved rolling code system that gives your home security so nobody else can hack into your system.
Chain driven technology is the most commonly used technology because they are cheaper. It has a lot of muscle in lifting heavier doors. It is rather noisy as there are mot parts moving. The metal chain rub against the metal trolley which is what causes the noise.
There are also those that have keyless pads included in the package. These pads can be mounted on your garage wall or the transmitters can be carried as a remote controller. It can conform to any technology, especially to belt-driven technology. It makes your life more convenient because you do not have to get out of your car to key in your garage door code.
When choosing a garage door opener, opt for belt-driven if you are willing to invest in a sophisticated machine. Otherwise, you can go for screw-driven ones as they are more secure.

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