Carports are great structures to use when protecting a vehicle from environmental damaging conditions such as the wind, rain, and snow. Installing a carport has now become a much easier task. Many carports come with step by step installation instructions from the manufacturer. One important installation step is anchoring the carport. A secure anchoring system will protect the carport from damaging winds.
When installing a carport, there are three basic methods of anchoring. If the structure is going to be mounted to a concrete pad, it is recommended that one uses concrete wedge anchors are used. A 30 inch rebar anchor is recommended when a structure is mounted to a gravel surface.
The following is a general guide to installing many types of A1 Garage Door Sacramento carport anchors to help you get an idea of what is involved:
Digging Holes for the Carport Anchor
1. Mark the locations of the rails and the anchor holes on the ground.
2. Move the base rails to one side and dig holes at a recommended 8″ in diameter. The depth of the hole will depend on natural environmental conditions such as the strength of the wind in your area and the type of soil.
Anchoring to Concrete
1. Use a drill and masonry bit to drill into the concrete.
2. Put the metal base in place
3. Make a mark where the center hole is located in the post base.
4. Drill about 3-4″ into the concrete
5. Place a brand bolt inside the concrete and tighten the nut.
6. Place the post base. Insert the bolt and put on the washer and nut. Tighten.
7. Place the stand off piece of metal
8. Install the wood post.
9. Allow the concrete to cure overnight
The anchor kit is one of the most important carport devices. Carport anchor kits are available for purchase online. The kits are designed for a variety of surfaces. Solid anchoring ensures that the carport will endure strong winds. Anchor kits are available in a variety of styles such as thick metal stakes and drive rods. Other anchor kits contain small metal auger stakes that screw into the ground. When choosing an anchor kit, make sure that it meets your requirements.
Anchoring with Versatube Ground Anchors
1. Place the base rails on their side.
2. Place a Versatube ground anchor in each base rail anchor hole
3. Drop the anchors into each hole as you fit the base rail assemblies over the holes.
4. Measure the rails to make sure they are in the right location.
5. Tap the anchors down into the holes. Check the measurements as you secure each anchor.
6. Add dirt to the holes Liftmaster Garage Door Maintenance and firmly pat the dirt.
7. Let the concrete cure overnight.
There are many advantages of using a carport. They protect vehicles from rain, snow, wind, and hail, reduce the formation of rust, and help prevent fading and cracking of interior plastic. When installing a carport, correct installation of the anchor will ensure a strong and durable carport.

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