Genie garage door openers have rightfully earned their reputation as one of America’s leading brands in their industry. They have been improving safety features, power, ease of use, and quietness for well over a half century by now. But how can one distinguish amongst the different types of door openers which they offer? They all seem to be the same to the untrained eye. In this article, the DirectLift Screw Drive by Genie will be compared against the PowerLift Excelerator. Both of these Genie garage door openers are solid machines, and they also both boast the added feature that they are self-installable.
One of the best features of the DirectLift is that it is very quiet. Many consumers forget to take this into consideration when buying a garage opening system, but as you can imagine it is certainly an important aspect of things. This Garage Doors For Ranch Homes opener uses solid steel screws which are bound to hold up over the long haul and “weather the weather”. Finally, it is worth noting that the DirectLift Screw Drive utilizes a .5 horsepower motor for added security and peace of mind.
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When looking at the PowerLift Excelerator by Genie you are getting a .5 horsepower DC motor. In particular, one should note that this model’s opening and closing speeds are twice as fast as most other Genie models. It is a powerful garage door opener. This one also comes with the IntelliCode security system built in. This enables Genie garage door openers which are equipped with it to add a solid layer of extra security against any would-be break-ins.

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