Garage doors along with automatic garage door openers have provided the ultimate convenience to the home owner. Although this continues to be true, some garage door openings may not be of sufficient width or height to accommodate many of the oversized sport utility vehicles, trucks or vans which are so popular today. There are usually only three options for the home owner from which to choose in this situation: sell the oversized vehicle, let the vehicle sit in the driveway or remodel the garage framework to allow for the larger vehicle.
Although a private sale can maximize the amount of money received, selling a vehicle through a private sale is often tedious and can take quite a bit of time, especially in this economic climate. Trading the vehicle in at a car dealer will be the fastest way to get rid of the vehicle, but usually will create a car payment which may not be desirable. Selling the vehicle is probably not the preferred option. After all, there is a reason why the larger vehicle was purchased in the first place.
Letting the SUV, truck or van sit in the driveway is usually the most inexpensive and common solution, but there are definite drawbacks. Assuming the neighborhood is a safe and low traffic area, there should be very little risk for property damage to occur. Leaving a vehicle unprotected in a driveway, however, can invite unwelcome attention.
The last option, which will be a good home improvement investment is to have the entrance to the garage resized. Calling a contractor may not be necessary. A garage door may be able to have its travel path increased so that the bottom edge of the door does not extend passed the top of the opening when opened.
It is very important for safety reasons to close the garage door and disengage the garage door opener from the door when working on any component of the system. If changes are made to the Lux Garage Doors Reviews door or travel path, further adjustments to the force adjustment will be necessary in order to ensure smooth and safe operation. Torsion spring or cables may also need to be adjusted.
Torsion springs should not be adjusted by the home owner. These springs are the coiled spring which is mounted above the door and visible at the header only when the door is closed. Any attempt to adjust the torsion Pros And Cons Of Insulating Garage spring without proper safeguards, tools and experience will likely result in serious injury or death. It is best to contact a professional garage door company to perform any moderate changes or adjustments.

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