Garage doors are generally sold in standard sizes. If you have a non-standard size door, then when the time comes to replace it you will need to research how to get a custom made door. Steel and wood are two materials that can be used to make custom garage doors, but they are very Clopay Entry Door Prices pricey. If you find that they are out of your budget, then a third very good option is wood composite. Wood composite is much more affordable than solid wood or steel, but it is beautiful to look at. You will save hundreds of dollars and be just as satisfied with the end result.
It is not really unusual to have a garage door that does not conform to standard sizes. Many people have the same thing, just as many people have individually sized doorways throughout their homes. The older your home is the more likely it is to have non-standard doors of all types. Trying to change the actual size of your garage door frame is not really practical; rather, it is a much better idea to simply order a custom door for it.
If you did decide you wanted to change the size of your garage opening, you would quickly find out how difficult and expensive of a job it really is. You would certainly have to pay a carpenter or mason in addition to the cost of getting the new garage door installed. It’s much safer and cheaper to get the door made to fit the frame, not the other way around. Your garage will remain as secure as it always was, and with it, your vehicle and house.
A quick search online is all that should be needed to help you find local suppliers of composite doors. Be sure to check out customer reviews and their record with consumer advocate organizations before you order your door. An additional benefit of ordering a custom door is that you will be able to choose one that exactly compliments your home from a variety of styles, windows and colors.
If the company who makes the door for you doesn’t provide installation, then they should be able to refer you to a reliable company who can install it for Garage Door Opener Buying Guide you. Before you know it, you will have a door made to your choice of style and color, as well as perfectly fitted to your garage and you will love it.

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