If you are replacing your garage door or putting one up in your new home, this task may seem daunting as there are so many different brands and styles on the market. Here are a few ideas on how to choose the right one for your home.
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The first decision is the material that your garage door will be made of. Some of the options out there are steel, vinyl, fiber glass and wood. The steel, vinyl and fiberglass ones are made to last, be sturdy and low maintenance. Steel, one of the most popular materials used on new homes tends to be lightweight and require little upkeep. They tend to be the base material, then vinyl or plastic is added to them to help make them aesthetically.
The wood one is also sturdy, but takes a little more work to be long lasting and requires maintenance. If they are not taken care of, at the worst they can wrap or rot, at best they will deteriorate over time which is expected with a natural material. The biggest upside is the aesthetic appeal. It adds value to the home, and gives a rich, beautiful finish. In fact, most residential garage doors made out of the other materials are made to appear as if they were wood. So the choice becomes whether you want the real thing that requires more work, or use one of the other options like steel that requires much less maintenance, but may not be quite as aesthetically pleasing. It is also a heavy material, so if you don’t have an opener or are not planning on installing one, this is a large consideration as you will have to lift the heavy timber every time you want to get in it.
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A garage door can cost you anywhere from $400 to $10,000 all depending on materials, add-ons, and the size of it. Is your garage attached, detached? How much will you be in there? Is there a room above? These are just a few questions you will have to ask yourself as they will change the price.
When comparing materials, wood doors are usually more expensive running about 20% more than a comparable steel version. The price difference may change when considering add-ons like insulation.
As of today, a wood one is the most common that you will find as it was the most common material used before the 1980’s on residential homes. Today, it is not the top choice in material, but is starting to become a highly used material once again especially in custom orders.

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