You don’t have to buy an expensive rain water harvesting system or run your house on wind or solar energy to have a greener home. By simply installing a new garage door, you are effectively decreasing energy consumption and doing it in style. There are also recycled materials you can choose from to become even more environmentally friendly. This article will describe the ways that this simple and affordable update can save you money, rejuvenate your curb appeal, and shrink your carbon footprint all at the same time.
Most new overhead garage doors come in insulated varieties, which instantly protect your home in the extreme months of the year. The rooms nearest your garage will see the greatest amount of relief from a new insulated overhead system. This translates into lower energy usage and subsequent decreased heating and cooling costs. Instead of just throwing on an extra blanket in the winter, actually keeping in more of the heat that you paid for is a greener and more comfortable way to make it through the harsh winter months.
Insulated systems will also allow you to tinker out in your garage a little longer in the winter. You will be able to notice a sharp decrease in drafting with a new system versus your older one. Transversely, blocking more of the summer heat and preserving more of the cool is possible with an insulated system. Better soundproofing is another benefit for those late night projects, or for shielding you from noisy neighbors or passing cars.
New overhead systems are inherently more energy efficient than older models. Naturally, it requires Garage Door Works more power to operate heavy, rickety old systems than it does newer and more competent systems.
You can take your new overhead system one step greener by choosing a wood composite door. Not only are they durable and attractive, but this type of material is made up of previously unusable lumber and other materials, and sometimes plastics. Wood composite requires far less maintenance than regular wood, saving chemicals for sealing and preservative treatment.
Aside from being green, wood composite is highly durable and resists warping, cracking and splintering often associated Chamberlain C870 with true wood. Once painted, the only maintenance the wood composite requires is washing to keep it looking fabulous.
You can now see how one small update can yield tremendously fantastic results! Whether your goals are specifically green or if you also want some added style, many goals are met with a new overhead door system.

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