Garage doors are available in many variations, from different opening styles to several material options.
Opening Styles
A roller door rolls up and around a bar or drums and is made of metal strips. They are most commonly used in self-storage units and at retail and industrial warehouses. They are a cost-effective and space saving option, but are very basic and no-frills when looks are considered.
“Up-and-Over” and swing hung openings require the most space of all the various styles available. They operate like hinged interior doors, so they need to either swing up or out to be opened.
These are popular in homes that have the extra driveway space necessary to accommodate them, and they are also useful in recreating historical or antique looks, on a carriage house for example. Swing openings are also highly customizable and if they are made of wood can be carved into different shapes and accented with custom-made windows.
Sectional offerings provide the best of both words; they are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Best Garage Door 2019 Sectionals are separated into panels or pieces that fit onto a track and roll up into ceiling area.
They are usually paired with an automatic motorized opener for even more convenience, can be made in many different designs and textures, and even have glass Who Makes Precision Garage Door Openers windows. Sectionals can be made with steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, or wood, and can be painted and textured to match other home exterior accents.
Steel is one of the most popular materials used for car & storage entryways. It is durable and usually has a high insulation rating because foam is placed between the panels. Un-insulated versions are also available. They can be painted and are fade, rust, and weather resistant.
Similar to steel is vinyl (PVC) or fiberglass. PVC is highly fade resistant and doesn’t require re-painting. It is also more dent-resistant than its steel counterpart. Vinyl and fiberglass are very light materials and can also be insulated, although they don’t rate as highly as steel. Fiberglass stands up well in seaside locations where corrosive, salty air may eat away at other materials.
A wood door can be a great investment with proper maintenance. Unfortunately, wooden styles need considerably more care than steel or fiberglass. They need to be re-stained or painted and treated with sealant, and they do not stand up well to rotting and warping over time unless they are properly maintained.
Choosing the perfect garage entry can seem like a daunting task, but armed with good information you can make the right choice to fit your needs and add a beautiful touch to your home.

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