One prominent feature of most American homes is the existence of a garage which is used to store the family car or as a storage area for tools. It has also become popular as the place where most famous bands have been born. In most of these homes, the garages also feature doors which keep those stored inside safe. The kind of garage doors homeowners should install in their garages would depend on the function, space and materials preferred by the homeowner.
There are different types of doors a homeowner may choose from. These types differ from each other according to their material composition and the manner in which they open and are stored. The most popular materials used to make them are wood, aluminum, vinyl, and steel. There are different types of garage doors: the sectional door, up-and-over door, round and corner door, swing hung door, and the roller door.
The sectional type opens up vertically then folds back horizontally to be stored parallel to the garage floor. The garage needs to have a roof for this type of door. Up-and-over ones are similar to the sectional types in that they also fold back towards the garage roof. The difference is that they need to be swung outwards to be opened before they are stored towards the roof.
The round and corner type is also similar to the sectional type except that it opens sideways, making it unnecessary for the garage to have a roof. Swing hung types open like normal doors do. This requires a large area for the door when it swings open and is not advisable for homes with short driveways. For garages with a smaller area, roller garage doors are best. These types of doors simply roll up instead of moving from the floor to the roof like the sectional types.
Garage doors may be opened manually or may be equipped with electric garage door openers. Garage door openers are most Garage Door Seal Lowes convenient especially during bad weather because the driver won’t need to get out of the car to open the garage door.
Because garages are not only used for storage but also serve as protection from bad weather, they need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they last long. For example, if the door is made of wood, Top 10 Garage Door Opener Manufacturers the homeowner should regularly paint and stain it for protection against the weather. The moving parts of the door should be oiled at least once a year to ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly.

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