With real estate prices tanking and banks limited lending many home owners, who have previously considered building home additions for the purpose of a work shop area, have opted to forgo any home improvements. That new addition intended to serve as a workshop will need to wait. The other option has been to use the garage as a woodworking area or car repair site. One major obstacle, which is shared by hundreds of thousands of home owners, is that the garage is either too cold or too hot to work in comfortably.
During the cold winter season it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to do any physical work that may require finger dexterity. The cold simply will cause joints to stiffen and fingers to become numb. When this takes place any woodworking, car repair or other manual labor can wind up being dangerous. One slip of the hand and pain and injury will likely follow. Portable heaters can be useful in this situation, but without proper ventilation, can be deadly.
Conversely, during the summer, the sweltering temperatures can make it unbearable to work in the garage without some sort of air conditioner. Without the proper type of garage door to prevent the interior temperature from spiking or dipping to uncomfortable levels, the garage is often underutilized or cluttered with excess storage containers. The solution is simple and quite affordable to most home owners.
A garage door which is insulated will allow any home owner to work in the garage whether the temperature is 90 degrees or 28 degrees. A large majority of installed garage door models consist of only one or two layers of steel or aluminum, which will not provide any Sommer Garage Door Won T Close comfort. Insulated garage doors are available and the additional investment is generally a couple of hundred dollars more depending upon whether other options, such as windows, have been selected. By adding windows alone the price can increase by $500, if not more.
Should the extra cost seem to be an unnecessary expense, many times tax rebates or incentives are available for improving the home with more energy efficient components. In fact, starting in 2009 home owners has been eligible for a $1500 tax incentive under the How To Paint A Wooden Garage Door new laws. Most garage door installers should be able to provide the necessary information to the home owner regarding any available government incentives. Often times, the tax incentives are used as a selling point for purchasing a better line of garage door.

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