Garage Door Vanity Could Increase Your Curb Appeal

If you’re like many homeowners looking in the market for a new garage door, then you’re probably concerned about the way it will look on your house. You have more than likely driven yourself up the wall trying to decide on which door model, color and materials fits best within your while still achieving that appealing look.
As you begin your search for a new door, you may be trying to choose one that looks attractive in a brochure. Garage Door Torsion Springs For Sale But what you should really be looking for is a garage door that looks attractive on YOUR HOME!
You know what it’s like being in the dressing room at the mall, trying on a clothes in different sizes and colors. Now imagine doing that to your home. That poor immobile structure that can’t speak for itself and let’s you dress her by simply pointing out a pretty door in a book of thousands usually photographed in a nice warm climate – I guess somewhere in Miami. You then pick, pay and POOF… Uggggh, you hate it! But how do you change a garage door? You don’t. And now you’re stuck. You start to think – what if I tried that other brand? Other color? Maybe one with windows? Wood or Steel? So many options to choose from. how will I ever know?
Your garage door counts for at least 30% of the front of the home and is visible to all eyeballs on foot and by car. It’s been proven that a well chosen, aesthetically pleasing garage door can 24 Gauge Steel Garage Door actually increase the curb appeal, price and value of your home anywhere from 1-5%. That means that the right door can make your home more attractive to buyers and even more profitable to you!
Before committing to a fairly large investment, make sure you are going to be satisfied with the results by choosing a door that looks like a million bucks on YOUR home.
Ask your garage door dealer if they have the ability to show you a picture of what the garage door you choose will look like on your home. More and more companies are equipping their technicians with the resources to make those inner-visions a reality before you commit to placing the order. I’ve seen techs with digital cameras and laptops in their truck who are able to show the homeowner exactly what their home will look like with the new door. All it took was a few minutes and some basic PhotoShop skills. Then presto chango, its done! If you don’t like the way the first door looks, then just try another! It’s shopping made simple before you even have to spend!
Many consumer websites are also offering shoppers the same options will through new technological advances in media software that allow them to drag and drop, zoom and rotate, and skew and manipulate their digital preview via a three dimensional virtual tour. Perhaps all those cool toys we see in scuence fiction movies are right around the corner. If so, it’s gonna be a dream world for shopper girls like me!

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