It probably isn’t at the top of your mind but your garage door is a very important aspect of your home’s safety. I know you probably don’t think about it as you wait for it to go up and down every time you Weather Stripping For Garage Doors push the button but what would you do without your garage opener? Even though you take it for granted, there are a few things you need to understand about garage safety and the dangers they can impose.
The invention of the garage openers were exciting and welcomed by most everyone, this holds even more true for areas that had nasty weather. Weather was an issue for those getting in and out of their cars and people had to fight the Garage Door Prices At Home Depot rain, snow or wind, especially if they had children or were carrying groceries. Today we think of a door opener as a necessity but back when they were first invented it was a luxury. Along with luxury unfortunately comes tragedy.
From 1975-1992, there were a total of 90 children killed in incidents involving automatic door. In 1993, the consumer product safety commission passed a law that required garage manufacturers to install a door sensor and a pressure-sensitive sensor to help prevent small children from being crushed by a door.
Garage Door Safety Tips
* Look for garage door openers that automatically change its security code every time you use to prevent others from stealing your code.
* Do not leave your garage door opener in an unlocked car
* Make sure to mount your wall mounted door opener over 60 inches tall; out of the reach of children.
* Explain the dangers of garage doors to your children at an early age
* If you are going to leave your home for a long amount of time, make sure to unplug your garage door opener.
* Do not tamper with the tracking or chain driven belt of the door
Remember, garage openers can be dangerous. Next time you wait for your door to open or close hopefully you will think about some of these safety tips I’ve mentioned above. Although the safety of a door has increased over the past few years, they are still very dangerous especially for children.

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