A garage door is a wonderful luxury to have, but it’s not one you should take for granted. It’s a machine, and only works as good as the company that installed it and the operator. Federal statistics state that garage door-related accidents account for thousands Garage Door Opener of injuries every year, including fractures and amputations. One statistic says an average of 20,000 people are treated annually in emergency rooms for door-related injuries. Be sure to avoid costly repairs or an accident with the following tips:
Treat your garage door opener as you would a key
How many times have you left your opener sitting out in your car, where it can be easily seen by any passerby? Leaving it out in the open is easy prey for would-be burglars looking for a house to rob. Always hide your opener, whether in the console, glove box or elsewhere.
Teach your children the importance of garage door safety
Parents and guardians should take the time to teach their young ones about the danger of being trapped underneath the door, and should never let their children use, even as a toy, transmitters or remote controls. When installing the push button wall control, have it installed as high as possible to restrict your children from being able to access it. Keep your children supervised around the door and keeping openers out of reach will avoid your kids from getting hurt.
Make sure the opener has a reversing system
A reversing feature automatically reverses the door should someone be in the way of its closure. Federal law since 1993 has dictated all garage doors installed must have a reversing system. If your door was installed prior to this, take the time to have your system replaced with one that has advanced safety features.
Inspect the system Garage Door Weather Seal Retainer L Shape every 30 days
A properly operational door will be balanced, or stay in place when stopped in any open position. An unbalanced door is a lurking danger, as it could crash unexpectedly to the floor. Inspecting your doors reversing system is as easy as placing a 2×4 in the door’s path. If it does not reverse once the board is struck, then you should contact a professional garage door company.
When reviewing your system, inspect the springs, hardware and fittings to ensure the door is on track at all times. If there is something wrong with even one of these mechanisms, then your door is in danger of sliding off and possibly injuring someone. You should not attempt to replace these objects yourself, as they are under very high tension. If something is improperly done, you could be seriously injured. Only a qualified professional familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions should adjust or replace these parts.

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