In this article, we will provide a few repair tips to help you get started.
Step 1 – Many units work with a pulley system, which can loosen over time. This can be due to many factors, such as general wear and tear, the weather, or excessive use. If you notice your pulley has become loose, you will naturally want to tighten it. This can be done by tightening all parts within the system, including screws, hinges, rollers and spring connections.
Step 2 – Inspect your unit for signs of rust. While this may seem like an obvious step, rust can begin gathering in areas, which at first, may be hard to notice. And being that many doors are made from metal materials, this problem is one which can spread quite quickly if not addressed. Replacing a rusted part can easily save you a large sum of money down the road. Take the time to look… it just may save you from purchasing a new door.
Step 3 – Next, you’ll want to inspect the tracks. These parts allow the unit to roll up and down. Open your unit from the inside and make sure it opens smoothly all the way through. In cases where the wheels are not properly aligned, you may try to loosen the screws and adjust the tracks accordingly.
Step 4 – The pulleys are the next stop on the checklist. These are the devices which the cables are pulled through. Garage Door Not Opening But Motor Running If they happen to wobble, you may need to replace them. Check to see the overall condition, and replace as needed.
Step 5 – Springs, Springs, Springs! Your springs will be found on the sides of the door, in the middle of the tracks, or at the very top, behind the pulley system. The tension may require adjustments by pulling the cable tighter and re-knotting it. However, a word of caution… as these spring systems can easily injure inexperienced handymen if uncoiled accidentally.
Step 6 – If you find yourself a bit over your head in the repair game, you may decide to call in a professional to help out. Calling for back up can actually end up saving you money Weekend Garage Door Repair in the long run, and help in preventing unnecessary injury caused by lack of experience. Evaluate your situation and make the decision that is appropriate for the case at hand.

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