There are several options to consider when selecting garage door openers. This entrance and exit to a home is one of the largest working components. This door is heavy, cumbersome and needs a powerful system to lift it up and down. There are three types of mechanical apparatus used in garage door openers that are designed to be powerful enough to heave this important load. They are the Reinforced Rubber Belt, the Chain Loop Device and the Screw Drive System.
– Reinforced Rubber Belt: The Reinforced Rubber Belt is the priciest of the trio. It is also the quietest of the lot. The belt hoists the door along the drive without making any sound. Many homeowners are bothered by clunky noises every time an inhabitant pulls a vehicle into or out of the garage. For these sound sensitive individuals, it may be worth the extra outlay of cash to buy this silent model.
– Chain Loop Device: This machinery is very similar to the rubber belt model except the lifting job is accomplished by a chain rather than a belt. It is louder to operate but less costly to purchase. For homeowners on a budget who don’t mind a bit of noise, the economical chain loop technique would be appropriate.
– Screw Drive System: For individuals seeking a middle of the road product which is not the loudest or quietest, and not the priciest or cheapest, the Screw Drive System may be the choice for them. This mechanical drive is known for its strength and ability to hoist the heaviest of garage doors with ease.
In addition to these three main types of openers, extra components may be added in order to amp up service. One example of such an augmentation is an accelerator that will cause the door to open much faster than the standard speed. It doesn’t affect the speed that it closes at, however, as rapid closure would be a safety concern. Another example is a battery back up system so that the door is still functional should the electricity go out.
The type of opener one selects will also depend on the model of door that’s currently installed in the home. Certain openers suit specific door types. Genie Garage Door Wall Button Not Working Some examples of models include those that swing to the side, those that go up and over in sections and those that swing upward in one solid unit.
Materials are another consideration as some are heavier than others and require a stronger mechanical apparatus to do the hoisting job. Options include steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass. Steel is by far the heaviest of the bunch. All materials have pros and cons associated with them. Wood is classic and can be painted or stained to match the house but it will require substantial upkeep to keep it warp-free and attractive. Fiberglass is economical and lightweight but may wear out faster than other choices. Aluminum is another budget-minded selection but may become dented fairly easily. While steel is heavy and will require a sturdy opener, it is also tough enough to last for many years.
Which of the garage door openers is the best for your home? A wise consumer Garage Doors Consumer Reports would make a list of the pros and cons of each type before purchasing one.

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