Before you even try to get too technical with garage door openers, you need to troubleshoot the basics. We are talking about a very heavy and large door that can be dangerous if not working properly. Electrical work can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Check these basics first before getting into the guts of garage door openers:
If the door won’t go up or down, check the batteries in all of your remotes. This may sound too simple, but have you thought of it? Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that we overlook. If the door won’t close all the way down and reverses direction, make sure the sensors on either side are aligned and that noting is obstructing them.
This is a wonderful safety feature but can also cause a lot of frustration if this is the problem. Another basic step is to make sure the power cord hasn’t come loose from the outlet. Check all the other wires to make sure they are making a good connection and that they are not damaged or frayed.
One more possibility if your door goes up and down on its own is your neighbor. A phantom door may actually be on working on the same frequency as your neighbor’s door. All you have to do is reprogram the frequency.
After you’ve done your troubleshooting, try your basic maintenance steps-oil the moving part and check the springs and hinges for rust. Another issue that may prevent the door from opening or closing is if the frame has been warped. If the tracks become misaligned, the rollers won’t be able to smoothly glide up and down.
But, if it is an electrical problem, the circuit board may be fried. A power surge, lightning and age could cause the brain of garage How To Install Electric Roller Garage Door door openers to stop working. If you’ve tried the other troubleshooting steps and think it must be the board, you can replace it.
Just make sure you order the right part by double checking the make and model. If age is the cause for its demise, you may want to consider buying a whole new system. With advancements in safety and efficiency, upgrading your equipment is a good idea.
The best way to avoid problems with garage door openers is to give them a yearly tune-up. Along with lubricating moving parts, make sure the electrical component is clean-free of dust, debris and cobwebs. But, if it just seems like too much, call in a professional. This is electrical equipment and can be very dangerous.
Remember to cut the power anytime you get into the guts of any electrical equipment and start replacing wires, etc. Sometimes it is just Aluminium Garage Doors For Sale safer to call in an experienced repair man. Properly working garage door openers are just for convenience, but also for safety.

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