Back in the old days, garage doors had to be manually opened and closed each and every time the car leaves and parks. This can be a very tiring Clopay Garage Doors Reviews task and can time consuming. But with the invention of garage door openers, people can now enjoy better convenience and ease of use.
Basically, door openers are devices that automatically open garage doors. They are usually operated by a motorized power unit that pulls the doors up and down. And although the function remains relatively the same, there are several designs of it currently present in the market.
First, there is the classical window-type design that opens by moving up in an outward direction. And although this design has been widely used, it poses some problems particularly on windy locations wherein strong winds can cause the door to slam back down. To address this, manufacturers have come up with another design that is not only more safe, but also saves a lot of space.
This design is called sectional garage doors. It is made of several horizontal sections attached by joints. This allows sectional doors to bend accordingly while being pulled upwards into the ceiling of the garage. So basically, its design is almost similar to that of a roll up shutter door.
But whichever of the two designs you choose both have been equipped by manufacturers with a security mechanism. These include sensors that will pull back the door if hits something solid. This prevents people from getting stuck or your car from getting damaged. Another safety mechanism installed by manufacturers on most of their designs is the anti-drop system that prevents the door from slamming down in case of malfunction.
More advanced security functions include a laser system that detects any disturbance on the laser beams installed on the door. When the beam is cut by any object this will signal the door to either stop closing or pull back up gain.
Another security feature that keeps thieves out of the garage is a remote lockout system. This prevents the door opener from being controlled remotely by turning off its radio sensor. This is especially useful when the people in the house are out for vacation.
But it is not always just about safety measures. As time passes by, doors are starting to feature more and more convenience functions. How To Remove Grease From Garage Door Tracks For example, some designs now operate via a remote control. This lets you operate the door opener from inside the car.
Another feature lately gaining popularity is a courtesy lighting system. When the garage door opens it will trigger a motion sensor device to turn on the lights. This will save you the trouble of doing things yourself, thus effectively saving time. And there is no need to turn them off as well. The lights will automatically go off after a preset time delay.
These are just some of the advantages that modern door designs offer. A combination of a good garage door opener and high quality sectional garage doors will prove to be an effective duo that will provide both convenience and security.

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