Garages doors and garage door openers have greatly evolved over the years in layout, architecture and design. Because of these advancements, garages are now regarded as in integral part of a house. More and more people are concerned about wanting to protect their cars from intruders as well as harmful weather. Garages provide them with that sense of safety and security they are so eagerly looking for.
Protection from harsh weather is a serious concern amongst car owners as it can single handedly effect millions of vehicle at any given time. Hence modern garages today are properly equipped to deal with tough weather conditions. This is particularly true in the North where the temperature stays below freezing for most of the year as well as the South where consecutive three digit temperatures stay for months at a time. Here we will go over garage door technology that is tailor made for such environments.
The Answer – Screw Driver Garage Door Openers
The screw driver door technology is the latest of its kind to hit the market when it comes to garage openers. They are specially designed to run smoothly and quietly during extreme temperatures. The idea behind screw driver garage door openers is simple – To prevent them from binding and malfunctioning.
Here we will take a quick look at how exactly they handle tough condition all year long. This will help A1 Garage Door Coupon individuals who are in the market for a garage opener make a better and more informed decision.
Functioning in Cold Climates
Screw Driver Garage door openers come with a strong single piece steel rail. This rail eliminates binding and is instrumental in reducing friction on the line. The rail is further supplemented with a fully equipped electric thermostat which automatically adjusts itself according to the temperature. It increases force as the weather gets colder, ensuring flawless, optimal performance.
Working in Hot Temperatures
The screw driver garage openers come with a no-lube drive system. During hot and humid climates, this mechanism prevents the door opener from accumulating dirt and debris, a condition that could lead to binding on the line as it gets warmer.
Alternate Backup Power
Anything can happen in unpredictable weather conditions. A very common scenario is power outage. Screw driver openers come with a fully integrated battery backup Cheap Garage Door Ideas that continues to operate even when the power is out. This ensures that people will always have access to their garage and it keeps the vehicle safe and secure.
Living in extreme climate areas can be very challenging. Oftentimes it means not having access to facilities and amenities that are common in other states with normal weather patterns. Thankfully that is not the case with garage doors. Thanks to the swift advancements in garage doors technology, models today can withstand tough weather condition and provide protection for the household and their merchandize.

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