There is nothing like driving home from work and hitting the garage door opener to slip your vehicle into its home. If you don’t have this kind of luxury or your old entrance handle groans and protests, you may be in the market for a new entrance and openers. When making this purchase it’s worth considering which type of opener best fits your needs. There are basically three types of openers, each of which has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.
The least expensive type is the screw driven kind, but this is also the sturdiest form. A screw driven one requires the least amount of maintenance because it utilizes so few moving parts. A long threaded rod hangs in the middle of the ceiling while the moving mechanism pulls the door up and down the threaded rod.
This design is extremely strong, but also loud and slow moving. A regular cold weather season can cause operation to fail in these openers. This kind of opener is best for year round warm weather locations and industrial or commercial uses due to its strength and loud operation.
The chain driven one is commonly seen in homes everywhere and for good reason. This design is extremely reliable and not too expensive. Also mounted in the center of the ceiling, this type uses a metal chain that draws the entrance up with the aid of a small motor.
This one is also loud due to the long metal chain clanging around when opened and closed, but not as loud as the screw driven models. Chain driven models can handle cold weather better than the screw driven type, but it can still have problems in extreme cold just like your car.
The belt driven garage door opener is less inexpensive, but the quality and silent operation are well worth the extra money. Belt driven openers are just as reliable as chain driven openers and they are perfect for those homes with bedrooms next to the garage.
The belt driven type operates the same way that a chain based one, but the soft rubber belt makes it almost silent. Hanging Garage Car Door Protector The rubber belt also ensures it deals with cold weather conditions better than any other type of opener.
When you purchase your new garage door opener, remember to consider what your needs are Lowes Garage Door Seal and how they match up with the different types of door openers available on the market.

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