A quality garage door opener does not just open and close your garage door. Most leading models are speedy, are quiet and have sensor performance and security features that help keep unwanted guests out of your garage and home.
You can operate a garage door manually, but why should you? Each year 3 million of people buy a remote garage door opener. Above dependability, you should compare cost, safety, security and noise, which is important for garages that contain workshops or have bedrooms or offices overhead.
There are a variety of mechanisms that are available. These include chain drives which are noisy because they use Anatomy Of A Garage Door a metal chain along a metal trolley. Then you get screw drives which lift the door with a threaded steel rod.
The latest models use a plastic-lined track which reduces noise and increases opening speed. Belt drives by far the quietest, have flexible rubber belts which dampen any vibrations and eliminate the noisy metal-to-metal contact of chain or screw drives.
There are two types of opener motor drives. Direct Current; DC and Alternating Current; AC.
High-quality, efficient garage door openers use DC motors which use less electricity and make it easier to control. It also allows for a simpler drive mechanism which reduces noise and gives more reliability.
DC Current gives a soft start stop cycle which eliminates clanking sounds. For large or heavy doors it is preferable to use a 1/2- or 3/4-horsepower motor instead of the basic 1/3 horsepower motor.
For safety concerns take into account an automatic reverse feature. This causes the door opener to stop and reverse the door if it touches something–a child playing underneath, or a parked car are two examples
If price is a consideration it is probably best to buy an opener at a store or from a dealer Ampulla Garage Wall Protector and put it in yourself. Alternatively you can hire a professional to do your installation.
A safety feature as well as a home improvement all in one.

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