Garage Door Opener – What to Consider When Installing a Garage Door Opener

You don’t even have to get out of your car-just a push of a button and drive on in. The invention of the garage door opener has made life so easy. You don’t have to get out in the cold, rain, snow or humid heat to wrestle with raising the door then getting back in the car to drive inside.
But, you’re not done. Then you have to get out and pull the door back down. Nope, in the comfort of your car, you push that button and it goes up and down. So, how do can you benefit from this convenient little device. Here are some things to think about when installing a garage door opener:
* Tools-Assemble the tools you will need beforehand to make the work more Chamberlain Garage Door Opener efficient. The instruction manual will list exactly what you will need.
* Safety-Make sure that the door is good working order to begin with. If necessary, oil the moving parts and clean out debris and dirt from the track. Because you will be working with electricity, make sure you switch off the power at the circuit box. Also, unhook the manual rope levers.
* Operation-First, you must find the center of the door. Open it all the way so you can mark the location for the motor. Be sure the install it high enough that it won’t hinder movement underneath. The most common type of unit is chain Painted Garage Door Sticking driven. The chain will be wrapped around the piece called the traveler which runs from the door to the unit. The traveler is connected to the door by the linkage assembly. This is the mechanism that pulls the door along the chain.
You can adjust the open and close limits once you have power running to the unit. Don’t forget to install the motion detectors on either side at the bottom of the door. This is a safety mechanism to protect your kids, pets and belongings. When something obstructs the eyes, the door reverses movement.
* Remotes-Your garage door opener should come with remotes for your vehicles as well as a hardwired button for the house. Be sure to mount this button high enough that children can’t activate the door. It also may come with a keypad entry. If you don’t have your remote, you can key in a PIN and still get into the house. In case there is a power outage, you should also attach a manual release kit that allows you to unhook the opener from the outside. Then, you can manually lift the door.
It is very important that the garage door opener is installed correctly so, if you are not completely confident in your abilities, call a professional in to handle it.

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