Garage doors can be described as a piece of protection to protect home and vehicles form possible damage and theft. They usually come in big size as compared to typical doors because of the facility to move trucks and cars in and out of the garage. In this article you would come across various types used according to their purposes and specifications.
Depending upon their purpose these are the following:
Commercial doors are used for commercial and industrial purposes like in the case of factories and production plants. Basically these are large and bulky in size as compared to the residential ones. These doors are large enough to allow free entry of trucks and buses easily to the factories and industries. They are made Lowes Garage Door Lubricant of robust quality and exceptional material strength. As a result they can be used for long term purposes. Usually there are no designs in these as these are used for professional purposes. Fiber glass, galvanized steel & aluminum are three different types of materials used for the construction of these garage doors.
Residential Garage Door Seal Sizes
Residential doors are those that are used for residential purposes. Unlike commercial, these doors are usually less stronger and relatively cheaper. This type is used for the protection of garage and vehicles inside it. Garage is a good access to the entire house and nobody would like to give this access to thieves and intruders to loot their homes. These are in various designs are smaller in size as compared to the commercial ones. Costs differ depending upon the quality & design of these doors.
Sectional doors are viable options for both commercial and residential purposes. These doors are manufactured with 6 to 8 panels that get rolled up to the ceiling easily. These doors do not occupy a large amount of space. These doors have stylish designs and vibrant colors that not only make them unique but also protective. These garage doors are light weight that come with the option of easy installation.
Sectional doors do not need much space to open outside the garage so virtually any vehicle can be parked very closely to the garage door. Residential and sectional garage doors are different from each other. These doors are manufactured by aluminum and polythene materials that come with great protection and safety. Make sure to buy garage doors only from reliable companies and brands that have a long history of presence in your state or area. Furthermore you can even discuss about the best brands with your colleagues or buddies to know their unbiased opinions.

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