Your emergency garage door safety is important. That thing is heavy, and like anything else in the house, it can get old and parts can get worn. Here are 10 tips to keep it healthy and safe.
1. Read All Installation Instructions Carefully.
Installation’s a big job, and if you’re not up to the task, it’s a good idea to hire a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, follow the instruction manual perfectly.
2. Read All Owners’ Varnish For Exterior Doors Manuals.
Whether you install or don’t install, read your owner’s manual from front to back. There’s emergency garage door information in there that can help prevent future problems.
3. Get The Springs How To Tighten Garage Door Changed Routinely
4. Don’t Mess With The Springs Yourself
Springs require regular maintenance, but they’re very dangerous. They’re made up of spring coils that are wound tightly. This means they’re under lots of pressure. Serious injury could occur from improper handling.
5. Check Cables
From time to time, check your cables for visible wear. Most emergency situations are easily avoided by regular maintenance. Worn cables are a major source of trouble, including injuries.
6. Pay Attention To How It Runs
If there’s anything funny about how it opens or closes, you’ve got a problem. Don’t treat it lightly. This is a potential safety issue, so take care of it immediately. Even old doors should open and close smoothly.
7. Test Its Switch Sometimes
All garage doors have an emergency switch that keeps it from crushing whatever is underneath. Occasionally, you should put a small object under it and try to close it on it. It should stop before it hits the object. If not, you need repairs.
8. Lubricate
Like all parts that move on any machine, your garage door needs routine lubrication. It depends on the make and model, so follow the instruction manuals and keep a schedule.
9. Don’t Operate It When Anything (Including People) Is Near It
Even though it’s supposed to catch, garage doors malfunction just like anything else. In general, keep things and people that you love away from the door when opening and closing.
10. Kid-Proof
Keep the wall switch high enough so that little hands can’t reach it, and keep the remote control safe. Make sure they understand it’s not a toy and they should be careful around the garage door. Don’t let them play Indiana Jones, sliding under the door just in the nick of time.
Follow these safety tips, and keep your machine properly maintained. Study your owners’ manuals, be safe, and enjoy this addition to your home for many years to come.

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