A cottage garden is a great design if you have a smaller garden space. A cottage garden is filled with colour, with lots of flowering plants at different heights and levels, and plenty of roses, snapdragons, pansies, sweet peas, lavender and other old fashioned Garage Door Features flowers. When designing your cottage garden you need to first plan what you need and set up a few structures for your plants to grow over, such as a pergola. Having climbing roses growing up the side of verandas can really improve the look of your garden.
Firstly you should draw up a plan of your garden space. Put in any pathways or structures first then build your garden around them. Take a note of where any fences are and include any established trees. Look at your area at different times of the day and make sure you know which are shady areas and what has full sun. You will need to know this when choosing your plants because certain plants need full sun and others do better in part shade. Finally plan what plants you will be putting in. Think about which flowering plants are best suited next to others, in terms of what colours will blend well together, and make sure you don’t have a tall plant in front of a smaller one. Think about what season plants will flower and arrange your garden so that you don’t have large bare patches without colour in a certain season.
Choosing plants
For a cottage garden choose old fashioned plants and incorporate lots of different flowering varieties. You might want to have a colour theme running through your garden, but a true cottage garden is usually a jumble of colour. There are beautiful old fashioned rose varieties available, and there are plenty of climbing roses that grow well over pergolas and up verandas. Choose bright and easy to grow plants and include a variety that will bring colour to your garden all year round.
If you don’t have room for a separate vegetable garden you can still plant herbs in your cottage garden. Some have pleasant foliage to add to your garden, but just be careful about what you Overhead Garage Door Pictures plant and where, as some herbs spread quickly and can take over your garden. If you have a spare corner you could create a herb garden bordered with a low box hedge or small pathway.
When you buy your plants and put them in your garden make sure you hang on to the tags that come with them that document all the information about the plant. The tag will tell you how much sun or shade your plant needs, how much water and how far it should be planted away from other plants. It will also tell you when to expect it to bloom. Keep a folder or gardening book with all the details of what you have put in your garden and when you need to do things like trim roses or dig up bulbs.
Remember that plants crowded in close together, as they are in a cottage garden, will need to be fertilised regularly. Mark these dates in a gardening calendar.

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