A big door that provides covering to a garage is called a garage door. It is opened manually or through specially designed openers. They are fashioned to be big because big vehicles and trucks pass through them to the garage.


They are divided into two different types. Commercial and Residential: These doors differ on purpose, size and budget required. Commercial and residential are both classified into more different types according to the design.


Side Panel Garage Door Shaft Coupling

Up and Over

Side Hung


There are different materials used to construct doors, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Below some of the materials are described and compared in detail.

Fiber Glass

Fiberglass is a new material in the market used and is gaining much popularity cause of it unique designs. Fiberglass is called with different names like glass fiber, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). Fiberglass is built up of contracted glass sheets and is somewhat harder providing more strength than the lighter steel doors. Fiberglass is a bad insulator, but is almost immune to salt corrosion and the peeling linked to it making it perfect for use in households situated in coastal areas


Doors made of aluminum are much cheaper than others sporting a look similar to steel and being rust resistant. Aluminum doors are less pricey and Garage Door Opener Repair Cost can be designed and finished in numerous patterns. These doors are light in weight, but their major disadvantage is that they get dents easily.


Steel is a durable and strong material you can find. It is a low-cost material and has enough strength to sustain dents and pressure. If you shop for steel you should keep in mind that it is much prone to rust and is a bad insulator so you will have to purchase a rust resistant insulated door in order to cut your energy costs.


Wood is a traditional material used in construction of garage doors. It is almost dent free and is stronger as compared to other materials used. Wooden doors are customized with particulars and different panels. Wood as a material is a good non-conductor as compared with steel, but not better than an insulated door. Regular staining and painting is important for the wooden doors in order to keep their shiny look.

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