First round test findings from an efficiency test conducted in Utah shows that a garage gate can make a lot of difference in the energy consumption on a home running using solar energy.
Those findings were made by a solar house project in Holladay situated in Utah this March by Martin Door Manufacturing Company. Ned Hart, MD for Terra Sun Energy gave the early test results on the house conversion and confirmed that the it shows a new door is certainly making a difference in the energy savings of an average household.
The findings of the test conducted are as follows:
– The power usage is significantly decreased by a new opener when compared to the old garage gate opener. Hart said that generally it takes more or less 40 watts of electricity to operate a garage door opener. But an old Fixing A Garage opener used around 440 watts to operate the door. So, on an average, if a family uses their garage gate around 600 times per month, a decent amount of savings can be attained in energy consumption with the new opener.
“This is a remarkable energy savings attained each month from 4500W to just 435W which amounts to 48,000W annually. For a house running on solar energy, this is a CERTAINLY a big savings,” Hart added to the conversation.
– The fresh opener also facilitated the use of LED or CFL bulbs which cut energy usage further from 120W to just 3W.
– The double panel windows with an insulated garage door also make a huge difference in energy savings. Hart said that when the insulation of the door is increased a noticeable difference is seen in the overall temperature of the garage, which is seen to affect Commercial Garage Door Repair Near Me the overall home temperature too. Also, as a part of the solar adaptation, workers applied an insulating paint called Temp-Coat to the garage walls adjacent to the house. It resulted into a further increase in the insulating properties of the garage door.
When the test data were constantly monitored, Hart was really excited to note that the concrete part radiating more heat when compared to the garage door in the thermal images of the house.Before the test began, the home’s electric and gas bills for the month of January 2009 alone amounted $460. Various steps are being taken to reduce this bill to a zero which is the ultimate goal.

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