Electric Garage Door Opener – What’s in it For You?

Garage door openers are devices that one uses to open or close garage doors either from a remote or fixed location. Fixed garage door openers can be installed externally or internally while remote openers are handheld devices similar to TV remote controls with buttons for closing and opening doors.
Not to be confused with the counterbalance spring, garage door openers do not provide the power necessary to lift the heavy metal doors. Its purpose is to control the extent to which a door opens or closes.
The electric garage door opener was invented in 1926 by an American by the name of C.G. Johnson — a Hartford City, Indiana native.
The mechanism of the first remote control garage door openers were patterned after a World War II technology for detonating bombs. It is operated using a simple system of transmitters and receivers. Transmitters would send signals that receivers would pick up and depending on the position of the door, would either move it upwards or downwards.
Over the years, technology has enabled vast improvements on the remote control’s design and capabilities. Additional features that are standard in remote controls now are, 1) Automatic courtesy lights that would go off each time the door Precision Garage Door Coupons opens and turn off automatically after the expiration of a preset time delay 2) remote lockout feature which is activated when one is away for a vacation or away for extended periods of time 3) key chain remote 4)wireless keypads.
One pacesetter in the garage door opener industry is the Hormann Promatic Garage Door Opener. It is one of the quietest, fastest, and dependable garage door openers around.
It is equipped with 24V DC motors that ensure fast but quiet operation each and every time. It also uses a unique composite of nylon/Kevlar drive belt that is both durable and dependable. The material Garage Door Torsion System offers strength that is lightweight and is built for the long haul. It also comes with hundreds of built in additional features that further empower owners and enhance user experience.
The Hormann ProMatic is Hormann’s starter opener model packed with features but sells at an attractive price. Security was top of mind when Hormann developed the Hormann Promatic. Once it closes that, its motor and drive unit work in tandem to hold the door firmly closed. One added feature is a patented steel hook device that locks the towing arm and holds it in place to strengthen the structure and to prevent forced entry from taking place. This device can run even during power failure as it operates mechanically.
The double security lock feature of the motor and steel hook makes the Hormann ProMatic Opener one of the most secure operators in the market. One can diversify the existing standard features by adding more capabilities and accessories to the device. One of these features is the highly advanced feature electronic finger reader that would enable your device to recognize up to 100 fingerprints available for an unbelievably low price.

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