In many areas where town planning was less than desirable, small house blocks made it necessary for car owners to have to leave their vehicles parked outside on the street. Some with smaller homes were lucky enough to have a small enough strip at the side of the front yard to park there, but not enough room to erect a cover for the car. This creates an ideal situation for those with light fingers to remove bits and pieces or for vandals to do a lot of damage. Either way, it is not an ideal scenario, and there is the added worry of storm damage when weather turns foul.
In the same way as lawn mowers and garden tools need to be securely stored out of the weather in garden sheds and locked up to avoid theft, our vehicle need to be housed wherever possible to give it the maximum protection available. Where it is possible to access a garage at the rear of Garage Door T Handle Replacement the yard, or perhaps at the side of the home, lock up storage gives peace of mind and protection from theft, damage and the elements. Sadly this is not always an option as town planning differs from one place to another, making it necessary to look for other ways to store our vehicle.
Where property frontages are narrower, if the house is situated far enough back from the front fence, an ideal solution would be a carport. They take up only the space needed and offer protection from the weather, as well as helping to preserve the upholstery and Garage Door Opener For Tilt Up Door keeping the car interior cooler. You have the choice of single or double car spaces, and skillion or gable roofed styles. Sold as carport kits they are manufactured in a way that makes it possible for the homeowners to easily do the installation themselves.
Carport kits have solid strong RHS steel posts with galvanised steel framing and colourbond roofing sheets which are available in six colours. The concealed guttering system forms part of the actual frame but has separate down posts. With pre punched components and DIY instructions that are easy to understand the installation is not difficult for homeowners, before choosing your carport checks all regulations with your local authority and obtains a building permit. Also find out what wind rating is suitable for your area to prevent your new acquisition being damaged or becoming flying debris in a cyclone. Then put down a concrete slab to put your carport on, erecting the carport when the concrete has properly cured.

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