A garage door basically appears to be a simple door that permits you to get in and out of the garage easily. It also helps to stop the entry of elements into your garage. But, to be frank these doors becomes difficult to operate without a remote control. This is because no one wants to leave their warm, comfy car to manually open the door. This is exactly why the garage door openers were invented. These devices let you open the garage door automatically with just a push of the remote button. Most frequently used garage door openers are screw driven, belt driven and chain driven. This article will discuss the dissimilarity between these three kinds of openers here.
Screw driven
As the name suggests, screw-driven door openers work by means of a kind of screw to unlock the door. Let us see how. Whenever the motor of the garage door starts working, a screw turns, which pulls up the door. Many people think screw driven doors are better since you don’t have to be concerned about maintaining them very much as in the case of belt driven systems. These systems are generally self lubricating and are quieter than a chain drive. But they are noisy when compared to belt drive. Also, moving parts in these kind of opener is comparatively less.
Belt driven
Belt drive systems are the most preferred ones for any residential door opener system. It is similar to a chain driven opener. In here, when you start the motor, the belt system pulls the door up. The main advantage of these openers is that, they are the quietest solution, most silent door opener system. Even though these drives can be used in any door opener, they tend to be a little bit expensive.
Chain driven
These motors work exactly like belt driven motors do, except that it utilizes chain to get the garage door moving. These openers are generally louder than belt driven ones or screw driven ones. This can irritate Overhead Garage Door Designer people who prefer quieter doors. But as they use chain, they can withstand more abuse when compared to a belt driven motor. The main advantage of chain driven doors is that they are the cheapest.
In short, while choosing a new opener for your garage port door, concentrate on your requirements. If you are looking for a reasonable priced door opener which works quietly, Garage Door High Wind Reinforcement belt driven door opener is the best choice. On the other hand, if you want a cheap door opener and don’t mind about the noise, a screw driven opener is the best choice.

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