Garage doors differ a lot in material and price. You can buy everything from wood to steel and even plastic. Wooden doors are wonderful, heavy and expensive (meaning they need more elaborate openers and support). They also like to have shorter warranties than steel.
The garage doors made of steel work good and are more economical. They are accessible in triple, double and single layer versions. The single layer door is simply a sheet of steel and is good for unattached, unheated garage. Steel garage doors can also be purchased with wood overlays, which supply the look of wood with the R-value and lighter weight of a steel door.
Memorize that you are going to want an insulated door if you live in a colder region. The garage door is a big part of your garage wall, and if you put on a cheap door with a low R value, you are going to lose a lot of heat. This is Garage Door Terminology where the double and triple layer door with two sheets of steel wrapped around a foam core. Look for a grange door with core that is foamed in polyurethane rather than injected polystyrene. Good doors give you an R value of 8 to 11.
Memorize that good steel garage door have twenty-four gauge steel paneling, baked on primer, polyester top coats and at least a ten-year warranty. Finally, Garage Door Pictures Funny not that there are doors available that roll up. These can save a ton of space, as you cut the need for a long track running along the ceiling.
Garage door openers are available with chain; computer controlled direct drive electric motors that lift the door up, jack shaft, and screw. Chain drive units are the most popular units out there. The belts are quieter than chains and are priced nearly identically to the chain drive units. Screw driver units are a little more rugged than chain drive openers, but are also slower to open than other types and are slightly more expensive. Jackshaft drive door openers put the mechanism off to the side and maximize space in your garage.
Computer controlled mechanisms are a fairly recent development that mounts the opener on the wall above the door, saving space with a compact unit that mounts nearly flush to the wall. A direct drive electric motor opens the door, and no chains or belts are needed. Garage door openers will have an infrared sensor at the bottom of the door. If that beam is crossed while the door is closing, it will automatically reverse and open. Also, most of the openers on the market use a technology that changes the code each time you use the opener to prevent thieves from stealing your code.

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