Most people who have a garage also install garage door openers. Unlike the old days when people had to stop their cars, get out, and manually open the door before driving in, with a remote-control opener, it’s possible to open the door as you drive into your driveway without having to get out of your car at all. Garage Door Pictures Before And After This is much more convenient, especially during inclement weather, so it’s no wonder everyone wants them. If you’re in the market for your first opener or looking to replace an existing one, you probably want to know what some of the best models are and what to look for when selecting one. If you do, read on.
When you go to a store or online looking for a new garage door opener, there are several things you will need to consider:
* Look at the type of motor that is used on each model. Some will be AC and others DC, but you’ll want to choose one with a DC motor which will use less electricity when it operates.
* Safety features are important when it comes to garage doors. The doors are heavy and can seriously hurt someone if they come down when they aren’t supposed to. Buy one that has an automatic reverse feature which will keep this from happening.
* Driving mechanisms come in chain drives, belt drives, and screw drives. As a rule of thumb, the quietest models are those with belt drives; chain drives are the noisiest.
* If you’re like most people, price will also be a consideration. Compare the features listed above, and select an opener that will meet all of the criteria as well as sell for a price you can afford.
* A very important consideration is how heavy your garage door is. A two-stall, solid-core door is going to be a lot heavier for the opener to lift than a small, fiberglass one. The bigger and heavier the door, the larger the motor you will need to buy.
Now let’s examine several different models for price comparisons Best Garage Insulation and adherence to the features set forth above:
1. Genie is a popular brand of garage door openers, but you should be aware that there are pros and cons involved with their various models. For example, the Genie H6000a-2K is considered easy to both install and maintain. However, it is screw driven, which makes it quite noisy. At $190, it is also quite expensive. On the plus side, it has a 10-year warranty on parts, security features, and comes with two remotes.
2. Chamberlain is also a brand with a high reputation. The Chamberlain PD752D is chain driven and works well on very heavy doors because it has a A� horse motor. It comes with a remote control keypad and a remote control. It is also moderately priced at around $170. Unfortunately, with its chain drive, it is also quite noisy.
3. Another choice of Chamberlain models is the belt driven Whisper Drive WD822KD. It operates quietly, includes cutting edge security features, and comes with a 10-year warranty on the belt. It is the most expensive of the three models mentioned costing around $250. It also doesn’t contain a motor that’s heavy-duty enough to lift the larger, heavier doors.

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