It’s been about four years since my parents’ garage has been cleaned out. In fact it’s been about that long since we even had a look at what was beyond about the half way mark towards the Garage Door Seal Between Panels back of the garage. You can probably understand that I had not been looking forward to this little adventure and procrastination had become my middle name whenever I had thought about it.
But finally I had run out of reasons and with the new addition expected in our family, I had been told that the many little treasures I would find at the back would Make Garage Door Opener Quieter probably save us somewhere in the range of two to three thousand dollars. I finally realized that I couldn’t ague with that and decided to finally take the plunge.
As always when I tried to open the garage roll-a-door, I braced myself for the possible barrage of items that could well drop down upon my head from the wall of objects that hid behind the garage door. The garage was so full in fact, that whenever I tried to close the door, I had to push against the garage contents so that the door would actually close. After achieving the act of opening the garage without mishap, I began removing the first layer of items that were easily in reach. These were primarily made up of objects that were stored here short term like heaters, suit cases and rugs. These were the sort of things that were seasonal in that they were stored during one season and used in the next.
Once past this layer, I began making a dent in the next layer that primarily contained furniture. This was the furniture that my spouse and I had stored here about two years ago when we had moved house and bought new furniture. This was the furniture we had no room for, yet couldn’t bring ourselves to let go of. But now the decision had been made to sell this furniture. Once I had moved this out of the way, my spouse appeared to help out, as we were at that point where we would be breaking through to the last area at the back of the garage.
This was behind a wall that separated the front from the back of the garage and what we found when we entered was a veritable treasure trove of items. These items included just about everything we would need for our new baby including highchairs, a stroller and baby’s car seat. These had all been items used by my siblings that had been stored here after having outlasted their use. The list went on with a travel cot, mosses basket and babies toys. We felt that we had just won the lottery as though we were children in a toyshop. It truly was a treasure trove.

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