Choosing the Right Ceramic Floor Sealer

Ceramic tile flooring is already attractive when you buy it. It is also a very durable material on its own, which makes it suitable for areas that have high traffic (places that are frequented) and areas that are often exposed to moisture. But like the saying goes, “nothing stays forever”; Ceramic tiles are also subjected to wear and tear like any other material. Over time, this material is stained or soiled most especially if it is not sealed properly. That is why it is important that you know how to seal it and what to seal with it. You need to know how to choose the right kind of ceramic floor sealer.

In choosing the right sealer, you also need to consider the type of ceramic tile that you would be applying it. Unglazed ceramic tiles for example are made specifically to look matte – like. This means that it was selected for the floor probably because they do not like shiny floors. If you use ceramic floor sealers that create a shine of its own, then you are defeating the purpose of why you chose unglazed ceramic tiles in the first place. Also, some sealers can affect the color of not only the tile but the grout too. The best thing to do is to test it first. To test, simply pick a tile on an unnoticeable area and apply a little amount.

There are also penetrating surface sealers. Some unglazed ceramic tiles require this type of sealers. This sealer type is the easiest to apply. You can use a mop and simply apply it all over the area. This type of sealer will not only seal the tile but also the grout at the same time. When you are applying this sealer type, make sure that you apply it evenly so that you will not see any irregularities and large puddles. Again, if you are not sure if it is compatible with the tile, test it first.

For glazed tiles, you have to consider two things. First, you need to know if it is absorbent. Some glazed tiles absorb water and changes color. If this is the case, you need to use a penetrating sealer, just like how you would apply It on an unglazed ceramic tile. If the tile does not change color or absorbs water, then you do not really have to apply sealant on it. But if you are worried about stains and other stuff, you can use a breathable sealers or sealers that are made specifically for grout.

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