Choosing Ceramic Floor Tile

So, you’ve decided to outfit a portion of your home with ceramic floor tile. Now what? There are a few factors to consider when embarking on this type of endeavor that will certainly help you along.

First, you must figure out in which areas of the house the ceramic tile will be laid. Will it be in a kitchen or somewhere else that water will be a factor? Will it be in a high traffic area of your home? Will furniture be moved on it or slid across it on a regular basis?

Figuring out questions like these ahead of time can help you choose the tile that is right for you and will help avoid a lot of headaches later on. 

Once you do get all the details ironed out, there are a few options for you to choose from. The one with the most history would be a natural tile. These types of tiles can be traced back to the Ancient Romans and are a classic choice. Patterned ceramic tile will give your floor a modern look and combines the elements of the natural texture of ceramic tile with today’s technology. There’s also a glazed ceramic tile that has a shine to it and is usually associated with bathroom tiles. Then, there are mosaic, or scaled tiles for those of you looking for something a little different.

A common mistake made by people choosing ceramic floor tile is to actually select tiles that are meant for walls and not your floor. And be sure to consider the magnitude of the job before you try laying ceramic floor tile yourself. Shop around, and you’ll be sure to find a place that is both professional and fair with price.

By master