Ceramic Bathroom Tiles Blend Well With Any Type Of Bathroom Theme

Bathrooms of today are fashion statements in any home. A villa, a bungalow, a European themed chateau, a rustic cottage, a modern apartment, condominium or a traditional row house – any home is incomplete without the use of ceramic bathroom tiles. The name ’tile’ is synonymous with ceramic as this was the only material used to cover the floors and walls of baths from ancient times. Whether your theme is bold, creative, natural, modern or traditional you can use ceramic, which blends absolutely well. The variety of ceramic tiles ranges from single colour to intricate patterns and textures. Create a theme according to your personality and be sure of finding a ceramic tile that suits your imagination and design.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are available in various finishes, sizes, shapes and textures. Depending on your theme you can style a perfect bathroom. You can use these tiles on the floors and walls of the bath and showers. Some designers use them on ceiling too in the form of mosaic for a unique design interpretation. Use the textures and colours to your advantage and create a bath that speaks volumes about your personality.

Large ceramic tiles are the talk of the day. They give a contemporary look to the showers and baths. The textures and finishes add to the functionality of the tiles. Large tiles need to have some texture that adds the slip resistance. Ceramic is almost completely water resistant and hence is considered best for bathrooms. Neutral colours with fewer patterns blend perfectly well for large spaces. Large tiles give a sense of extra space and seamlessness. Large format tiles result in less number of grout lines and the floor looks uniform and smooth.

If you prefer a rustic or traditional look in the baths, go for smaller sized ones or mosaics. Combine designs and colours to create unique interiors in your traditional bathroom. Use of black and white in traditional patterns is also stylish today. Another way to get a traditional look in the bathroom is by using subway tiles. They are the perfect designs for a rustic or traditional bath. The colours and textures of subway tiles create a unique character in the bathroom.

If you want to create a vibrant interior, choose from the many bright shades of ceramic bathroom tiles. Vibrant walls are embellished with pattern borders for that extra oomph. Mixtures of shades and textures on a single wall will add a lot of depth to the space. Intricate etchings and embossing on ceramic add another dimension to the bathroom. How would you like some hand painted tiles on your shower walls? They are perfect for creating a subtle, yet charming setting in your home.

Do not be hesitant to use new textures or colours in your house. Go with the trends, but do not choose something that is totally different from your personality.

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