A car canopy is a newer arrival in the car shelter industry. Carports were used as far back as the early 1900’s. As people began to shift from driving horses to driving cars, the need for barns diminished and the need for out of the weather parking for cars began. Also cars did not have a fully enclosed and sealed cab area until the mid 1950’s so a car port or garage was perfect for keeping the inside of vehicle dry as well.
Portable carports can be made from metal or more commonly poly. The poly material on a car canopy is a chemically heat bonded product. It How To Seal A Garage Door To Make A Room is usually three layers thick. The ripstop weave reduces tearing and puncturing. Also it is 100% waterproof and UV – anti aging treated.
The frame of this type of car port is made from powder coated steel in either gray or white. A smaller frame has between six and eight legs, made from 1 3/8″ metal.
These soft sided carport kits can range between only having a roof over the frame, or one side, two sides, or three sides. Some unique designs also feature a 4th side that is zippered. To enable someone to drive straight through on there are a few with a zippered door at each end.
Car canopies are commonly 10’x20′ or 20’x20′, depending on how many vehicles are being covered. Canopies without sides are the ones commonly seen at yard sales, picnics, and other outdoor functions.
Car canopies are also perfect for flea Garage Door Parts Diagram markets, a day at the beach, and more.
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