The decision to buy or to build build is a real issue with patios, because there are real practical situations to deal with. The home-owner’s budget is one of them, and design issues are another. This is a situation that needs very close attention, because the costing, planning and construction issues can be far from simple. What you want from your own home patio is the real issue.

Build- Pros and Cons

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Building allows designs to be created specifically for the home environment.

Building may include custom design features.

Building may dovetail with other renovation projects around the home as part of a wider plan.


Building is a potentially major commitment of time and money, which can get complex if you’re also doing other renovations.

Building is usually done through third parties, like architects, builders and contractors.

Building usually requires building approvals, and may get held up in process.

Buy- Pros and Cons


Buying a patio provides a built-service of all the construction processes, including council approvals

Top providers also handle plans and approvals

The project costs are all factored in upfront

There’s a very large range of patio types available


Buying means not doing a custom design or using custom materials

Buying a patio means a separate process from the other renovation work

Buying will involve departing from a designer house motif

The rule of thumb for building a patio is choosing the most cost effective and efficient option. The following factors impact your decision in different ways, depending on the cost, size and complexity of the work.

The time and money Cantilever Garage Door Springs factors

The net time and cost comparison is that buying a patio is cheaper and quicker than building. This is largely because buying is basically an installation of an existing design, whereas building may mean a full design process starting from scratch. That’s actually a big difference, because the design process adds a dimension to both cost and time.

Working with third parties is also an acquired taste in any form of building. In the case of building the design and building processes are often separate entities. When buying you’re only dealing with one entity as a supplier of all functions.

Making a decision

The decision making process can be difficult. After all, this is your home, and you want the best. The most thorough approach is to compare designs for building and buying. What you get for what you pay is the obvious, and safest, measure of value.

You’ll find the comparison between building and buying obvious, because the design market is naturally more costly. The commercial patio designs on the market are actually pretty similar in content to designer patios. They’re cheaper because they’re backed up by manufacturers supplying materials and standardized installation methods which reduce costs.

Build or buy is your choice, but remember you’ve got plenty of choices. Compare quality, and you’ll find cost and efficiency make a big difference.

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