An efficient door opener will help you save time getting out of the car and opening the door and also enhances your safety features by enabling you to get out of the car when inside the garage. Today, there are several types of door openers and drive systems that you can choose from. If you are aware of the different kinds of door openers available to you, then it would be easy to make an informed decision about purchasing the right one that suits your needs. Here are some of the basic types of door openers to help you choose the right equipment.
Garage drive system
The first thing that you would have to consider when shopping for door opener is the kind of system you will have for your garage door. The drive system is considered as the mechanism that lifts the door when prompted with the use of a remote control transmitter.
A� The chain drive system is among the most popular types of garage systems which originated from the older technology that existed before the dawning of the automated ones. The chain drive system can be found in the middle of a ceiling and assists with the lifting via tracks on either sides of the door.
A� The screw drive system on the other hand features more power compared to the chain system and needs less maintenance. This is due to the fact that fewer parts are involved in the assembly. This system lifts the door using a steel rod mechanism located at the middle part of the garage’s ceiling. It is also runs quietly compared to the chain drive system.
A� Computer drive. This is a new system that doesn’t feature a screw drive or a chain drive. As opposed to the previous two systems, the computer drive is located above the garage door and works through computer control.
Motor system
Garage door openers are usually made up of different motors that run at various power levels. Make sure you consider the size of your garage door when purchasing openers. Find a motor that can lift your door. Ask specialists and general contractors about the kind of motor that would fit your garage door size.
Remote control
There are various types of remote controls for garage door openers these days. Remote controls are specially designed to open single or multiple garage doors with one or more buttons. You can also select a standard remote control transmitter or other models like the keypad remote or keychain remote.
Door security Garage Door Fix
All door openers have a distinct safety mechanism installed that usually works with a laser beam that will act as sensor when something is in the path when the door closes. The safety mechanism is mandated by federal laws. There are also garage doors that featured a more advanced safety technology that Garage Door Parts Diagram will prevent unauthorized individuals from stealing transmission codes. This kind of technology is able to send various signals each time you open the door to provide extra theft protection. This will also prevent your neighbors from opening your door accidentally using universal remote controls.

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