Automatic garage doors are a crucial safety problem if they are not fixed or kept properly – particularly if they were fixed before 1995, when security levels were improved. Since then, these types are required to have an additional entrapment security program (a door edge Lowes Garage Door Lubricant sensor, an electric eye or any other equipment that identifies when it comes into contact with something and instantly reverses the door) or a permanent contact master switch, which requires you to hold the close or open button all the time that the door is in motion.
If your older door doesn’t have an automatic reverse program, retrofit or replace it with a new program that will reverse. Usually, they are strong enough that they can really injure of even kill a kid who gets caught under them.
Even new products require weekly checks to make sure that their safety programs are functioning properly. The primary move is that the door is harmonized that it will keep in place whenever it is stopped. First, release the door from the track. (there should be a quick release lever). Close and open the door manually. It must move easily without sticking or binding, and should keep open if you let go of it about three to four feet above the ground.
If your door fails any of these security tests, even after being adjusted, quickly stop operating the system in automatic mode (take off the door opener from the closed door if you have not already done so), and skip to manual operation. Call a professional worker to fix the door.
In order to verify it will automatically reverse, put a 2 X 4 on the ground below the open door and employ the automatic controls to close the door. It must reverse as soon as it touches the 2 X 4. If it does not, check for an automatic reversal screw or knob on the power unit, and fix it till the door reverses correctly (verify the instruction guideline for the right operation and location).
In order to verify the doorA�s force, hold the switch of the door as it automatically closes. Again, the door must quickly reverse. If your garage does not, Garage Door Safety Features there should be force adjustment screw or knob on the power unit. You will likely need to close and open the garage door once more before retesting it.
Extra security precautions contain warning children to stay clear of garage doors, locating the garage door switch five feet off the ground, keeping remote controls away from children. You garage door guideline should also contain security measures.

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