Automatic garage door openers come in several different model types. The chain driven door openers are the original design, the belt drive openers are a smoother and more up to date type of the chain drive openers. Last, screw driven garage openers operate differently with a drive shaft that resembles a long screw.
Chain drive garage openers tend to be stronger and are specifically needed for heavy garage doors. They can be louder than their counterparts, however, newer models are using motor vibration isolation to offer more quiet operation. Basically, a chain driven door opener is going to offer the best value and strength at a fair price.
Belt drive door openers use a rubber belt in place of the standard chain. These type models are often much quieter than chain driven garage openers and are a good selection for houses with bedrooms above the garage. While quieter, they are not always as strong as a chain drive opener. This needs to be carefully weighed if you have a heavy garage door.
Screw drive door openers provide maximum lifting power with less moving parts. They tend to be more reliable because of this. While a screw, or direct Garage Door Won’T Open Manually drive opener is a good combination of the pros of the other two, verifying the strength of the opener against the weight of the door is important.
Most automatic garage door openers today have standard features such as automatic lighting, rolling (or automatically changing) codes for security and auto reversing systems to protect from damage or harm. When looking for an automatic Car Garage Gate Design garage door opener [], be certain to consider all of these factors. Items like garage door weight, the need for quiet operation and long term reliability. A few extra dollars today can go a long way for trouble free garage opener use.

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