Are Ceramic Bathroom Tiles Your Best Choice?

Ceramic bathroom tiles work well for new homes and remodelling bathrooms. They are usually the best choice of every homeowner, as they are highly durable. The lustre and sheen stays untouched for many years. The colour and brightness is unaffected by the soap chemicals, shampoo, detergents and other chemical products used in the bathrooms. And the water resistant quality needs special mention. Bathroom floors are always wet and hence you need an anti-slip variety like the ceramic tiles. Ceramic is versatile and used on the walls and floors. It is really hard to find a better material than this for your bathrooms.

While remodelling a bathroom, you have to work around the fixed accessories and sanitary ware. This is a challenging job and not many materials suit this process. Ceramic bathroom tiles give you a lot of ease in remodelling, as they are installed easily. The choice of options is many, which give homeowners a wide variety to choose from. You can choose from the plain colours, mosaic patterns, picture tiles and many different textures. If you are looking for creative design in the bathroom, then go for complementary textures and colours for the floor, walls and countertops of vanity area. Lay them in unique patterns for a wonderful visual effect. Detailed patterns on the shower walls and fountains look great in combination with plain tiles. These tiles can be cut easily to fit in all nooks and corners.

Trust ceramic tiles for durability and high quality. They are soft to touch, but are hard wearing. Soap residues in the bath can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth. The surfaces feel great under bare foot. The shine does not reduce even with high usage and are resilient to water and detergent stains. If a professional installs these tiles, the grouting will be done perfectly, so that nothing accumulates in the joints. Choose a matching colour of grout to fill in the gaps between the tiles. The grouting should be done in a smooth and attractive way.

There are two major finishes in the ceramic bathroom tiles. One is the glazed and the other is unglazed. Glazed finish has a shiny surface and reflects a lot of light. The shine on this surface does not fade with time. The unglazed variety is not as shiny as the glazed one. This has a subtle glow with a matte finish which looks great on an artistic ambience. Ceramic is the best choice for bathroom floors and walls, which is the most, sought after material in the present age.

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