Many people at one time or another consider buying a carport, but just don’t know where to start. Once they started to research the different options, they soon discover that aluminum carports keep coming up as very good options. The clear use for a carport is to store your car, either all year round, or just in the winter to protect it when it’s not in use. However, a carport is not just for cars – you can store boats, garden tools, firewood, your lawn tractor – anything you want protected from the elements.
Aluminum carports are not a new concept – they have been an option in the metal building catalogs for decades, so you can be sure that the designs have been refined over the years and they are tried and true products for protecting your belongings. An easy way to find out what models are available is to look through metal building catalogs or flyers at your local building store, or just do an internet search to find different models and options.
Many people are on tight budgets and choose to look for a DIY kit in order to save some money on transportation and construction. If you have some basic building experience, this can be a very good way to get a carport economically. Aluminum carport kits come pre-cut and ready for assembly, including all the parts required to build. Pre-assembled kits are also available, which will still require some final assembly at your location, but generally this is completed by the company who provides the pre-assembled kit.
Before you head out to order a new carport installed, or a kit that you can assemble yourself, make sure that you have properly sized up the amount of space you have available, and the amount of vehicles and items that you plan to store. If you don’t have at least Garage Door Sizes Chart one side next to a building for added protection, keep in mind that a larger carport will offer a larger area of fully protected space. There will always be a some exposure close to the edges, so perhaps a few extra feet of roof area would be a good idea.
Another type of carport that we are seeing more and more of these days, and is perfectly suited to being constructed out of aluminum, is the aluminum RV carport. RV ownership is on the rise as more families are choosing this type of vacation option, and it is becoming more economical to find a good used rv as there are more and more used vehicles coming on the market. Keeping your RV in great shape begins with protecting it from the elements, and a carport is a more economical and convenient option than renting indoor RV storage space.
Deciding to buy and install a carport is a big decision, but one that you’ll be happy with once you’ve figured out all your options and found the right carport to suit you Palram Vitoria 5000 and your belongings. Everyone in your family will surely be able to find a use for your new carport, just make sure you account for everyone’s vehicle before buying!

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