Over 60% of homes in America have this particular component; it is a one-hundred pound piece of metal or wood that daily swings over the heads of people, pets, and cars: the garage door. Most people don’t realize just how often they open and close, or more generally, just spend time in their garage. As such, garage door service is usually at the back of a homeowner’s mind. If it generally works, opens and closes without any hiccups, and has no dents from overzealous backing out or pulling in, homeowners are more than content to just simply wait for a problem to arise before having any sort of service done.
In most cases, this is probably a sensible and cost feasible tactic. However, there is no reason to put off making sure that this huge piece of metal that regularly slides up and over your head and your car is not in perfect working condition. A regular check up from a repair company can create a safer environment for the inhabitants of the house. One example is the safety feature that sends the garage door back up if something is blocking its path; while this used to be mechanically controlled (the garage door would feel resistance before it was fully down, making it retract) and could be regularly tested and maintained by anyone with How To Fix Garage Door Cable a little techno-know-how, like most things nowadays, this system has gone electronic. Most people now have the laser “tripwires” that sense motion under the door while it closes-if the laser beam is “broken” by an object passing through it, it sends a signal to the garage door motor to retract. While just as easily tested at home to ensure that this feature works when it needs to, it is not easily fixed by the average do-it-yourselfer. Making sure that this feature is in working order and calling a repair provider if it goes on the fritz can prevent injury, especially to children who may be less aware of the force of a garage door.
It is easy to rationalize that these injuries will not occur in your home, to your family-largely true. The number of deaths and injuries per year are on the low side. The real immutable value of garage door repair or replacement does not lie in safety, but in fiscal sense. There is a lot to be said for investing in a superior door in the long term. As many are attached to the homeowner’s house, a well insulated garage door can save a good amount on heating and cooling costs. Many people may have qualms with spending a good chunk of money to save a few dollars on heating cost every month, but it’s worth it if you plan on keeping the house for a long time-and even more so if you don’t.
Garage doors have been rated one of the highest proportional value increasing components of a house. It greatly increases curb appeal, and being able to boast a lower heating cost could be a deal-maker in the housing economy Garage Doors right now. Repair and replacement is ignored by many home-owners; don’t be tricked into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Repairing or replacing your garage door can be a boon to both safety and home value.

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