All You Need To Know About Ceramic Tiles

Myriad options in ceramic tiles are made available to the common man. Colourful ones with intrinsic details are available in the market. They bring a lot of brightness to the room. Depending on the size of the room, the size of the tile can vary. Larger rooms can display large sized ones which add a lot of elegance. They are used on floor as well as walls. Smaller ones are easily fitted in smaller places like bathrooms. Many patterns and designs are available, which transform the rooms into different eras. The multi colored ones with pretty patterns are wonderful to look at. The glazed surface adds a lot of sheen to the walls or floors. Many home owners prefer them as they are wonderful to look at, great options available and very affordable.

Maintenance of ceramic tiles is not difficult. Floors with smaller sized tiles can collect a lot of dust and grime. Everyday use in the kitchen and bathrooms needs regular cleaning. The surface needs to be swept clean of any dust and dirt particles. The floor can be vacuumed regularly to remove the dust. Use of hard and abrasive cleaning materials can scratch the surfaces. After vacuuming or sweeping, mopping the floor with a wet cloth is recommended. The tiles shine will be restored if mopped with plain water. The grout can have deposits of dust and spills which will change color if not cleaned regularly. Cloth wet with some soap water can remove the stains caused by spills. Never leave a stain without wiping for a long time. This might cause the tile to lose the lustre.

They are suitable for any home and stay new for a long time. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common areas that the ceramic tiles are used. They are resistant to moisture and are very easy to clean. Re-glazing the tiles is one option of creating a new look to the wall or floor. Old ones can be modernized in this method. Before you re-glaze, the dust and grime should be removed from the surface, crevices and corners. Two or three coats of paint are sprayed on them after they are primed. Thin coats of many layers of paint will make it last longer. An acrylic urethane coating will return the glaze on the surface.

Installation of the tiles is another major factor that has to be considered to make the floor look wonderful. Solid or concrete floors are the best to lay ceramic tiles. It is best laid by the professionals as they are skilled to do this job. They can minimize the errors while installing and thus save you a lot of money and effort. They need to place in perfect lines so that the overall look is beautiful. Inexperienced hands can spoil the beauty of the floor by placing them in random orders. Modern designers lay these in different ways to create a designer and unique flooring. The colors can be mixed to create many wonderful patterns that make the room amazingly beautiful.

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